No More Heroes

Region :  PAL

Languages :  EN, FR, DE, ES, IT

Size :  3.3G


Synopsis :

When big time loser Travis Touchdown runs into smokin' hot chick Sylvia Christel at the Death Match Bar, he gets more than he bargained for. Wiping out a drifter for starters, it isn't long before Travis is ranked 11 in the United Assassins Association's league of hit men. With a price on his head now, there's only one way to go – all the way to number 1.

Equipped with a cool selection of beam katanas as his weapon of choice, the funkiest motorbike on the planet and a desperate need to be the number 1, No More Heroes sees Travis Touchdown crash through stage after stage of the biggest, bad ass adversaries the town of Santa Destroy can throw at him. As Travis says, “It's game time!”

* Innovative controls – recharge your weapon by shaking the Wii Remote!
* Travis's fighting action is uniquely controlled via Wii Remote and the Nunchuk
* Customise Travis's style with over 170 items of clothing to choose from
* Play at your own pace with a free roaming environment – chill out at home, head out on assassination missions or hunt down otaku goodies
* Laugh-out-loud comedy, story line and wacky characters!

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